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Politics of Narcissistic Mimesis
What is to be demonstrated in this is the manner in which a political animal can be immediately disgraced - when one has the chance to view the political actor, self protendor, revert back to his true state i.e., that of a raw animal of political ineducation (or, speaking of the false power of the ineducated, of corporate and academic groupies who have been brainwashed by the politics of vanity; there we have exemplified the queerness of contemporary political miseducation.)  This queerness in contemporary politics is localized and most concentrated within the subsistent irreality of social mimesis: that omnipresent and constant dialogic between mass political acumen and feudal rhetoric.  The grand stage of it's absolvency is the corporate, cosmopolitan, dandified, lobbyistic authoritativeness of the mass media.  This authoritativeness that excretes from the transparent bowels of socialized journalism and reporting figures into the equation of what defines political narcissism.  We can now safely say that the silent majorities are no longer silent. All of the diahrreal exaccerbations of public opinion and feudal rhetoric that encircles the mass media is absorbed by it for it's use as manipulation to uphold it's own principles by agravatation.

Political narcissism today is a sickness thriving in the possessive spirit of the cultruraphants (those who believe human culture to be sacred) as the omnipresence of social mimesis lurks over social networks. Prevailing the world system the procession of social networking gives rise to it's own mimesis i.e, the mimesis of society, of repressed frustrations, that gets along with itself all the same without subjective inclusion and hence all thinking subjects are reduced to de facto repeaters of exact mimesis. Disintegrating the individual, excluding him, incapable of referencing the subjectivity of the individual as a thinking, creative subject. Social mimesis replicates into an innocuous force insusceptible to understanding truth and reason. The one who stays out of politics and who is politically indifferent yields greater political power in today’s active social polisae. The political, as it relates to overcrowding of ideology, speaks it's failure to benefit man’s conditions, survival, and the idea of progress in the soliloquy of political responsibility. As Leo Strauss had taught, alluding to Plato's Republic, that philosophy has always advised and informed politics - and for the atonement of personal transgressions, the original political transgression, politicians for their part could forebear themselves the burden of political responsibility under the refuge of philosophy either their own or someone else’s. Karl Mannheim had stressed the importance of political education that of course precludes thorough knowledge of the history of politics and so obviously most essential to such an education is the social history of philosophy.

Prefatory Notes on the Psychomythic History of Corporate Logocentrism (Reflections on Corporate Mass Identity.)

The beastial icon of the corporate is not only sacrificially worshipped but identifies the corporation to it's consumers while being given primacy over the actual subjective content. Everywhere there is the elicitation of the object, of the logocentric interpretation of language: in the zealotry of the market, in the hypermania of advertisement, in the bombastic cultural relativism of the media etc. It also co-represents itself in it's logos i,e,. it's identity is conferred to that of a beastial image. Because the corporation has no individual function or single personality the body politic of a corporation must embody itself in something financially impersonal, commercially diffuse, and therefore detaches itself from more obvious emblems that would symbolize or suggest classical aristocracy, what the majority would still identify as being synonymous with capitalism. The kingdom of the new corporation is the entire world, it is transnational, it's king is not a ruler or philosopher but a conglomeration of forces of autonomous personalities. In this sense a corporation, unlike a government, is established upon the progressive mythos of it's past developments. A business firm over the course of a few generations changes shape however this is not perceived as a loss to corporate identity for the corporation has nothing and nobody to pass on any form of noble sentiment. If the history of Washington were reflected today in any sentimental medium, of a political anachronism ever rising, then this is to be attributed to the treasury given to it and thus it gives itself over to the mythology of those corporations and banks that fuel it with it's power, financial support and directive.

Corporate power is not concerned with it's own power for it is unconscious of the rules and laws. Although most corporations could not have been successful, as transparent ruling bodies, without having a subject of cathexis. In order to sustain it's power of transparency, the corporate world must vampirically extract the psychical power that emanates from the realpolitik of philosophers, intellectual advisors and artistic subjects. Although the psychoanalytic pathos of cathexis, the kind attributable to possessive identity crisis, is only the starting phase. Today's corporate cathexis has a transversive or unilateral affect in the psychological dynamics of corporate egalitarians, apertheidic philanthropists and or banking-politicians to their recipients. The transversivity of the corporate decision making apparatus, public relations etc., will accept neither an idolic humanity, a God of mandation, nor progressive or honest redemption.

Transparency is not a rule but a property of corporate power; such entities feel threatened and egoless when negotiating with bureaucracies, religious institutions and juridical defenders. Any operative sector, the public sector, of a corporation involves people i.e., it's employers, personnel, distributors and consumers. So-called "productive forces" inherently know very little if anything about the historic mythos of the company that employs them and are unconscious of it's (their) own agenda.
A corporate logo symbolizes power and prestige to sell to consumers who are without it; Ferrari, Porsche use emblematic symbols of beastial power - beasts and not men represent the dialectic alibi of corrupted business. Corporate history, in this sense, is a plentiful source of modern drama and myth. The mythos of sacrifice is the antithesis of it's own individualism which it lacks. Although it solicits that individualism as democratic progress to the masses who share in the corporate platform and ideology of progress towards more prosperous roles in a society that ultimately reaches beyond to their own deceit. The self-deception of the masses, in this respect - for instance, in all present day democracies - is highly advantageous to their enslavement by future corporate progress: making people small and 'governable' is hailed as progress. Under the banner of freedom Western social democracies limit the power of the bureaucracy and the state giving that lessened power to 'the public' including, of course, corporations that are not attached to the government. This then allows for the deregulation of corporate rule and corporate power, rule by deceit, that eventually dissolves all personal-public liberty yet frees the flow of corporate capital.

Transparent corporate power protractively dispossesses itself of all individualism and services only the profit-God that is it's own accumulative banking maxim. Branded individualism of the progressive variety is the feedstock fed to the masses that has been effective in disempowering them spiritually, nationally, and thus making it impossible to establish any sound basis of self-government. As a result it gives commercial companies greater control through the consumer brand of capitalism that collectively overshadows them with the mental attitudes of necrotic materialism i.e., the status quo, the 'elite' and the international free market system. The immediate, individual sense inherent to self-identity is compromised for the narcissistic sense of an animal ego as something collective that has been turned into something more archaic as it encompasses a world constructed of technological as apposed to traditional collective symbolism (logocentrism). Animals have always been forever confined to their internal narcissism. Freud however observed this animal narcissism in the mechanism of recalcitrant denial against self-reflective analysis. In this respect the beastial and the sadic are inseparable components in corporate psychomythology and following an analysis of the corporation comparing myth with punishment, present in the writings of de Sade, it becomes more obvious. Self-deceit and self-punishment replaces mythic sacrifice of the corporate body i.e., it's profit is not given away to any justifiable charity while self-punishment atones the transgressions of zealot greed. Corporate entities are, by proxy, sadic: The self proclaimed ‘filthy corporate animal’ would request “inflict punish upon me, defame me, degrade my person, extol maturation and growth upon me and my enterprise" in other words "empower me."

The mythical progeneration of this polarizing drama originates out of the hidden history of Wall St. vanity and promiscuity all of which is compelled to follow from the logocentrism of the Enlightenment. The logocentric worship of beasts as men and men as beasts (the self-maximizing political animal) serves not only as propaganda and a politically safe alibi for the disembodied establishment but it also relates to the mythico-sacrificial characteristics of corporate psychology. Sacrifice of a beast, of ones own family, fratricide, betrayalism, and the punishment of it's demigods is paralleled in the giving up of workers, clergy, business members or sacrificing the entire company to the conglomerate pervades as much of the world's myths as it does the activities of the modern corporation. A megacorporation will sacrifice everything to the profit-God even his own personal existential worth, his home, his family life, his workers, product resources and land.

Competing illegal enterprises after the great depression - the growing corporations and the mafia, dually sacrificed corporate life to the profit-God by killing off competition or members of the business hierarchy who steered away from the capitalist order of their fellow bankheads and goodfellas. In the underground myth of New York's Constantine the CEO is in debt to a financial sect of the mafia headed by Falcone. Constantine was spinning on his last; feigning, looking to turn out his cash raw while disregarding the dues he owed to creditors and shareholders who had ties to Falcone's mafia. One night Falcone's men entered his home interrupting his bathing ritual as he was receiving favours from his personal masseuse. In the epic scene Falcone's hit men empty their guns killing Constantine and leaving his mistress psychologically traumatized. The representative character of sacrificial murder, glorified by Hollywood filmmakers, cannot be separated from deification of the sacrificial victim, from the fraudulent priestly rationalization of murder through (mythical) apotheosis of the chosen victim i.e, corporate-animal logocentrism.

Today's corporate politics represent the teleology of the corporation itself, i.e., the corporeal (physical) means and ends of physicalistic materialism. It is a naive philosophy dispersed throughout institutions and embodies a social attitude of confident positivism, a positivism concerned with the good, positive, and confident interpretation of progressive social and technological change. We see the non-cultural moraless preoccupation with over-processed entertainment, with irregular and chaotic news media, the politics of contradiction, idle novelties and cheap thrills. All such idle mediums act as smokescreens to guard the political system and it's institutional establishments. Using such methods it is less painstaking to censor criticism without the need to push for new laws that would enforce it and this prevents the possibility of disturbing the calm from influencing the spread of any real criticism concerning democratic socialism or the mechanistic problem of society. (Enthralled by the coming age of a new consciousness being brought to the masses through the deceptive instruments of technology that ironically are the instruments that erased it’s consciousness.) For the damage done in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan the degrees of corruption is incomparable to the millionsfold damage incurred upon humanity from the culture of consumer technologies, the depersonalization of humanity that has come as a result of social networking. Today, the new corporate powers, the new demiurge of 21st century fallible politicism, has superstitiously manufactured the myth of the elder capitalist model that it vilifies as something we wish to change. It fails to recount it's obvious history to admit that change has already done it's justice to the injustices of the past. Channeling the anachronic historical issues of the diseducated masses, professional political rhetoriticians and argumentalists have herded the people together into a bloody tribe of solicitors who now promote all kinds of superstitions. Already we see the stigmas that precede the devolution of social order into a neo-Medieval condition. Having realized it's historic errors and prejudices the politicizers rearrange society and public attitude to these historic issues that triggers impotent oral revolts towards the long dethroned leadership of previous eras including all the benign power that once promoted solidarity. Political economy now moves along in a flawless immorality moralized by the culture of technological reason; a non-culture or techno-culture.



New Age Order Revolution New Age Revolution.

Mass political arbitration the result of dispute  compromises the solution for furthering the spread of legal corruption. History always repeats itself and yet it is ignored by those who have taken a position of amnesia on the matter to the debasement of values lowering the standard of what defines the human potential. Is it not merely the potential for humanity to exist at all?  Certainly it is no more the potential to become 'superhuman' but the potential to be human, that is why it is called the "human" potential. Sadly, orthodox corporate culture has permeated into every living thing with it's magical, unconscious and farcical devices. This has postponed global communicational development where they would have learned how to manage the deeper subjective world, confirming a shared inner experience, with the practical objective necessity with respect to material conditions. In the contemporary context of communicationology, in the global scheme of things, they have a much greater responsibility to be accountable for all life experience and the entirety of information exposure. Accelerating modernization is placing this adaptive principle on us just as we have become agents of the system collectively changing the world through new policy  in institutions, fashion and society. There is a tendency today for personal self typologization (i.e., not to act as observers of the changing world scene these typologized agents filter in only that which can serve the fortification of the typological personality.  This is so that it may, in turn, better serve it's social-economic use value to specific functions in the expansion of homogeneous social capital. Authentic global communication demands more openness, it demands the expansion, not of homogeneous social capital, but of human knowledge  the broadening of horizons outgrowing cultural bad taste. However this openness cannot be deliberated as a moral principle; it must come naturally or be brought about by processes that enter into a natural relation system of combining ethics.

Cultural and economic criticism today: no intelligent person wishes to elaborate any critique of vandalism, that would be an embarrassing venture. Smear campaigns; society to perpetuate the status quo in it's chronic state of stasis and status. By sublimating the political cult of progress they have taken the objective of 'change' and cultivated it superstitiously.
Impervious to truth, they have been using the old repetoire of "tricks for preserving and situating the new utopia inside the mundane pleasures of consumer euphoria." The system incorporates the progressively manufactured "individual" into the colony of socially collectivized droneage. Thus the new progressive individualism mass-produces the psychology of the old hegemonic order into the new hegemon (the progressive individual; the Anglo-American entrepreneur, the dandy, and the corporate whore.) Two-way hegemony exists today you have the American corporate-trade arbitrator who will interact with a foreign ("developing") culture or power who honestly wishes to absorb their culture and tradition but becomes hegemonized by the people of that culture i.e., the hegemon and the hegemonizer  (Cultural imperialism has the reverse effect in a symbolic-exchange based global atmosphere.)  But this global atmosphere, at this point in time, is akin to a kind of global sanitorium that is it's superior duty to purge itself of it's humanity with respect to the corporate system of evolving by technical sophistication. Given that the bulk of 'social' space between actors is done through exchanges, trades, and eco-processes, there is little room for substantial social substance to be communicated between them. Socialization between actors are interactions  but we are looking for social interactions that cannot be reduced to the scientific definition of social interactions found in sociobiology  i.e., social interactions that are sufficiently complex in content that it reveals something genuine which is ordinarily dormant in the human potential. Mostly, however, this space has become collectively forbidden and ignored as the content has no ideological, cultural, or political application the natural evolution towards radical culture the depth that is the natural play of creative forces (all of which it must deny itself access as it goes against the economic program for our progressivistic evolution has been factualized and corporately designed in the genetic space of the market system) the principles and aesthetics of species cryogeny (cryogenesis) becomes the ultimate fantasy of a social utopia; to prioritize social survival as superior to the human soul. His body must be immortalized as legal tenure even if it results in sacrificing his spiritual importance. The annulment and anesthetizing of the world that we are witnessing bears only a resemblance to utopia when we reference it (u-topia: to be nowhere.)

The furtherance of this state or condition is driven to the compulsory realization of utmost world security (market securities profiles: the idle aesthetic eccentricities of the Wall St. banker) an idealizing of material sanctity of ownership, wealth; the obsessive hobby to reorganize what one owns and thus the reorganization of political economies and the world exterior to insider trading firms.

A culturally intransigent corporate platform based on socioeconomic classifications of consumption has standardized rules upon marketing innovations that do not service the good of humanity. Network hierarchies based in these classifications have fostered the ennobling of corporate positions, lending to mass sanctimonia, psychological sterility, self-desirable charity, virtuous dogmatism, infinite self-entitlement, and egoistic self-sacredness. A salient political power has existed since the ancient aristocracies of Greece. Salient power is transparent to the powers that it subordinately controls by expressive force and coercion. Expressive force is one of the great propaganda apparatus' of this transparent corporate platform. 

Neocosmopolitanism (neo-liberal: conservative cosmopolitanism, neo-conservative: liberal cosmopolitanism) elitite glamor, glamorizing; symbolic wealth, symbolic power, empty of Realpolitik; empty of wealth, empty of power. (Progressivity of mini-telecommunication revolutions, progressivity of mini-PC revolutions, gimmicks, gadgets, gadfly's and gewgaws. Sleekness, sophistication; the objects of status hide their true primitivism. Enterprising consumerists, and their world as a whole, are totally somnolent: unaware of the primitive need to have this over-extended metric of sophistication hoping that it will replace natural evolution with a man-made process whereby it's sapience could be in control of it's own evolution. In this it is somnolent to it's own self-destructiveness, it is somnolent as well to ancient logocentrism that is at the core of this obsession. Somnolent to it's mental limitations that it has no epistemologically valid grasp of it's goals, somnolent to the irreversible consequences of linear progress, somnolent to the futility of forceful action against its mistakes and somnolent to it's own salience.

The consumer-model culture in the West that was founded on the movement of late capitalism is likely to continue the refinement of all these product trends until it wastes away all resemblance to real utility leading the naive into the new currency of fashionism and the superstition that it is correct (politically correct superstitions.) Following trends and progress on the basis of the ideology of progress, even as the old technological platform over-refines itself to the point of erosion: wastefully regressing back to a far more primitive mode of utility. The mentally destabilized majorities that they have deceptively employed as members of a social community of experts, having instituted dependencies upon the fabric of that community, will not succeed in this endeavour. Success, instead, is due to us in our precise adaption to, and adoption of, non-reactionary democratic socialist methods to convert their weakly dogmatic commercial class into an irreligious mob of collective drones  united as they are by the ideals of personal achievement yet divided by hierarchic social criteria. Our flexibility has made it possible for us to deflate this over-extended conversion. Having control of the ego means we can revert from being academicians, social democrats, technocrats and culturaphants back to natural anarcho-cynics. This gives us an advantaged overview. Where artificial cahoots and syndications between corporate entities, insatiably greedy corporatists, their equally fecundent commercial lobbyists and political puppets; world leaders will hold very little if no solidarity in their adherence to them. 

It is enough to hand a people over to apolitical self-government for a certain length of time for that people to be turned into a disorganized mob of social suppressors. From that moment on we get internecine strife which soon develops into civil feudalism in the midst of which states are left asunder and various nationalisms spread like wildfire. We are naturally anarchistic as a specie and can absolve a state of memeticism as fast as we can purge ourselves of that retched self-entrenchment into democratic socialism, itself a viral state of compromised humanity into which the corporeal souls have greater difficulty breaking free. The corporate (corporeal) souls today define reason, truth, facticity, language and knowing as primal, materialistic social meaning. Any threat or failure of pure reason to elevate them out of their mental prisons can be brushed-off by them when they invoke power from the brutish consensus of their established falsehoods.

Once the anarchistic tendency is intelligently exracted into the attitude of social democracy, the system's default capacity to cope with it's own chaotic downfall will be lessened to the point of total collapse. This is how the last living of the world intelligentsia have become victorious; outdoing the faux-intelligence of the elite, of the educated, of the opportunists and their unwitting and disgruntled pons. Similar to an alien invasion we have infiltrated human governments from long distances through their political classes; entrusting them to information and knowledge we were told to keep secret under superstitious concerns, and by maintaining trilateral relations with perceived enemies, have secured a foothold approximation of their powers and capabilities. While the human technocratic elite have infiltrated their political classes with the glory and privilege of advanced technologies that they have been subliminally told will enhance their species level of sophistication. Personal identity has blended so perfectly with the logic template of digital microprocessors that any knowledge about it's essentially archaic nature will be unitelligible. While they have been busy attempting to divert the attention of politically active intellectuals through the new global mass media from focusing their efforts on productive powers we have acted as supporters to their cause and a source of inspiration, and collectively co-opting those attempts into a legion of change. At first we actively protested against the politico-economic regimes of the past decade and a half. Those regimes and their agents have become so devoted to investigating the affairs of the diplomacy, the affairs of the day, of outside governments, that they will have no idea that their detraction from everyday political life is part of the scheme propagated by the spectacle - a reactive and hostile meme war has ensued in the public domain, political totalism had temporarily decentralized the power amongst the people. The seeds of feudalism had removed them from their true center of power, their own self-governing body - the potential for true communication, openness and responsibility has yet to reappear and the overall internal attitudes and environment are still far from decency. This was a meme war that could only have been created during a state of war (propagandistic war, pragmatic combat simulations, missile tests, repeated insurgencies, profane media war reporting, coup's and the resulting class struggle.)


One of the things to remeber about (human) ignorance is it's complexity. Ignorance is not for a lack of understanding the world alone for which it would be impossible to ground common sense in recognizing the universality of ethical intelligence as wisdom; it is the senseless, inconscious mechanisms of the (animal) ego that blind those men of the lesser wisdom into confusing the intelligence of wit as an intelligence specific only to man. True ignorance is not disposessed of knowledge or cunning, it's complexity lies in the logic to wit. The complexity of wit deceives by mascarading around wisdom in an ignominious effort to surpass wisdom.

This is the gaze and posturing of the human. Now, I love the human. That the human loves me is my own empathy giving subjective meaning to it, the human like all machines (and most animals) is self-preserving and narcisstic, it's creative powers are minimal to it's basic survival, it repudiates all truth and yet thinks the universe of itself.  The closests thing humans have to love is the narcisstic adornement of themselves. Whatever they may claim, enact, or portray.

They say there's a reason for everything and that everything has a reason. Therefore it is allways best to weigh out all possible causes of a problem or situation before jumping to any conclusions in order to calculate the most justifiable reason for something. More often than not, however, the reason is a very simple one: people are stupid. Another way of stating this "stupidity" is that "they" do not apply sufficient reason. Instead what you get is jumping to irrational conclusions and over confident assumptions that they drive on about without posessing the natural, thermal, ethical, or "God-given" right to that self-selection of judgement. Of course, it isn't their opinions or beliefs or false sense of judgement that is unerving it's the very fact that such warped personas could exist in human form that perturbs and offten causes anxiety since it defies all rational anthropic laws. But with this you will find yourself taking flax from anti-intellectual Dark Agers who seem to think that scholarlship gains them the proprietary right to judge the status of those who outrank them. Animal intelligence has never been bright enough to 'aperceive' the fact that what they take in air to be established authoritarian intelligence by the educated of academe, in todays cluster culture, is our diagnosis of neo-Medievilism. You worshipp the ground we walk on! you worshipp not an elite! you worshipp sticky Black Velvet on the ruines of a long forgotten bar floor! Real humans of true intellectual grit don't spent all their energy building up gamuts of artificial wit and post-popular wordplay for they are more concerned with the profundity of life, in advancing the fundamental rather than progressing and over-processing the derivative.

The latter view of human existence is that homo sapiens were conceived as spiritually inept cultural animals with extremely limited connection to the essence of reality. Exceptional genius in recent history has demonstrated the potential for the psychological evolution of human animals into their completed form as unconditionally wise and mature sapience would have intended by natural law. Be this as it may the overwhelming majority of the species could only hope to grow up. The self-destructive mechanics of the animal-bound intellect self-compromised the irrational self-disconnection of humans from their natural sentience. Natural sentience would equate with empirical "human potential" or the possibility of ritcheous and balanced entityhood that knows the truth of reality and acts upon it ritcheousley without intellectual or cultural contamination.  Maturity is defined culturally. Every culture has it's own common sense notion of what constitutes an existence maturity. Ultimate maturity (divine maturity) comes only after freeing the mind from all world culture, religious or secular notions of human maturity and integrating all aspects of culture into the greater aspect that transcends human consciousness. Natural genius however is rare and human consciousness can only hope to attain that level of evolution. The pressence of genius in the world is meant to signify a movement or an emancipation of itenerant humanity towards divine abiding.





Totalitarianism and Technological Rationalism
Totalitarian regimes almost always operate under a constant ideology that speculatively concerns the factical nature of human existence, of what is politically absolute in man, which then turns into plenary power i.e., a power that is totalistic and hence utopic in it's calculability with respect to the invented natures of man. The ideology of the Nazi's encompassed all of the contrary and disparate epistemologies; it was a combination of industrious atheism, apophatic theology and an anti-mercantilist economic notion. All of them financed and fuelled by the emerging atmosphere of leftist cultural politics, fundamentalist philosophy and fashionist banking. They derived their ideology just as much from the world of academia as from the ideas of organized religion, philosophy, occultism and spiritualism. Today the academic world, with the coercive aid of corporate magistracy, has denigrated the natural and human sciences to the hamper of a profitless set of discourses -- pushed aside as an interference from the broad investment to enhance corporate employment and civil servantry. Animated by blind positivism they remain content to gorge upon a foundation of artificial reasons that have been manufactured out of the joint-corporate order that produces it's own continuum of social meaning, their own secular interpretation of value, and of actual grounds, truth and facticity entirely void of any rationality. If rationality is the distinguishing characteristic of human beings then it is not set upon the antimonies that systematize knowledge by it's own man-made instruments. Rationality is not instrumental and does not have ablative concerns, it is not a being-for it is a being-with; an endowment which allows for the questioning of 'why?' and 'how?' or, for non-animals, temporal awareness of past causes that encompass two dimensions of awareness. With only a single dimension of awareness the animal can only be concerned with itself, absorbed in the present moment driven by instinct to hound and feed, to seek out prey and consume whatever is available. To compare this on the level of anthropology -- we know that it was the tool (technology) that could only exist in the first instance to fortify the means of survival and for elevating man from nature . Taken by itself the tool has no reason internal to itself or for itself and has the negative function of being directed at the progressive 'now moment' without a past or a future.

The Ethico-Thermal Problematic of Sapience in Technologized Society
Rational science (the natural sciences and human sciences) did not diverge beyond the principles inherent to human existence i.e., the principle of reason that we use to establish what is or is not truthfully grounded. Only at the point in which the sciences must base their principles on a hermeneutic of technology, with technology conceived as 'rational', does the calculations and results of a science drop their adherence to the laws of nature. Such interpretations can only hold meaningful ground for us insofar as we remain as social animals existing merely as theory, grammar, belief and hence as a positivism unhindered by rational skepticism. Rational anthropology is a priori to the mode in which concrete knowledge about human nature is obtained and measured against the anthropic laws of rational cosmology. The incorruptible laws of thermophysics, the rational laws of entropy, cannot be surmounted by any technological rationality for every technological reason is grounded under or is subordinate to the natural laws of foundational and statistical thermodynamics. When they diverge or over-extend themselves from natural laws the shared state of reason understandable to humans becomes one of techno-science and thus a codified instrument of technology. It's own teleological process to enslave the very thing it was designed to serve: man, becomes an irrational cybernetical animal, an anthropic machination, devoted to the progressive logic of unreason and of techno-social economy. He falls victim to an existential suicide as the machine economy slowly devours it's idol masters first from within and then from without.

The political animals of today are incapable of exercising reason: Having regressed back to the ancient mode of political and technological survival, these people are barely able to sense what is true at this point in history. Aristotle's definition of man as Homo Politikon is what anthroposophy would call ‘sapience’ from the specie Homo Sapien. A post-evolutionary ''scientized" animal, the sapient creature, is reduced to his ancient mode of existence: an Aristotelian political animal. The shear impotency the new political animal displays to common sense is, without doubt, attributable to the infinite tolerance he has grown to rationability. Science and technology, being the great tools that they are, have mistakenly been applied in technocracy to redefine their own designers constitution as an animal -- not by designating him as such politically from what we understand in evolutionary biology -- On the contrary, the animalization of man, his political inclinations etc., are mere accidentals of scientific realism and human logic used to determine universal beliefs resulting in the various degenerations and mutations of the atheistic faith. Thus he has degenerated into one of many statistical resultants, one of many beasts in the zoography of cybernetic life-forms that now flourish in the virtual world of commercial existence. His psychophysical states no longer correspond with the thermal laws they are subject to, no longer does he follow the syntax of the natural rules inscribed in balances between differences [i.e., he has extricated the complexity of reason, has exorcized himself of his own heteronimity by falling into technological irrationalism.] As such the political animal is a creature plagued by homothecy (both postmodern and medieval homothecy), an indifference that has neutralized the concrete distinctions and significations between true and false, good and bad, of what is rational in the absolute sense.

 Homothecy and the homogenization of information via globalization goes hand-in-hand with cultural relativism and the global equalization of all value -- the age of reason becomes the information age and if we are to accept Shannon’s axiom of information then we could just as well define it as ‘the age of entropy’. -- It is a state or condition built around and in contradistinction to the natural thermal laws both engineered and elicited in order to control him by altering the psychophysical foundations of his rarified humanity. Cultural homothecy, technological homothecy, social homothecy, moral homothecy, and spiritual homothecy; the essence of denatured sapient existence is the same through all contemporary fields. From the political to polity to police: the irrational logic of political society surmounts allegories and unscrupulous categories of judgment to determine what it cognizes as true. It confuses the essence of natural science with manufactured technological rationalism and it confuses natural rationality with social and political logic. A recalcitrant, obstinate, totalitarian social ethic develops amongst the masses of political power. "People" exist outside reason; no longer do they adhere to natural forces, except superstitious forces inform them of their degree of safety and security because they have abandoned any true or practical understanding about the dynamical foundations of life. We can infer directly from science the known connection between progressive technological change and the recent rise in epidemic human narcissistic disturbance amongst the masses.

The ersatz physics, the standard "model" of physics, and other corporately funded contrivances of leftist science, is fraudulence is not natural science. Theoretical, fabricated, non-empirical science will not reference actuality or the true state of reality, matter, as it is in itself. Mathesis absurdum, constructivistic mathematical models, after a certain point in recent days, have ceased to lend themselves to natural empirical laws of absoluteness and although we may invoke their confirming power, by proxy, they always collapse into invalidity. The real natural sciences remain mathematically intact and embalmed in their facticity i.e., the laws of Netownian gravitation, the laws of thermophysics, nonlinear dynamics and classical quantum mechanics.


When you attend a bourgeois university, in this our present day, you are not learning or receiving knowledge from serious professionals. What you receive at the end is a diploma but you do not receive initiation by an intelligent diplomacy and thus do not gain true knowledge of politics or history . What you learn is peripheral to human studies and research and is at best a derisory form of education. The educators, most of them, are people outside the tradition who, more often than not, have their own politico-academic agenda to indoctrinate with the secular, and usually “liberal“, account of history. Then you have the dandified, worldly, cosmopolitan posturing that eschews the fundaments of criticism, the clergy of the university who are fostered by corporate outsourcing and seduced by political agitators etc.. But at the same token the technical colleges and universities today mistrust intellectuals as dissidents of education when they ought to realize that any solution to today’s economic problems will rely on substantial budget plans for education to grant intellectual professors the social status and freedom to educate the public on these complex matters that require more than a secular or orthodox approach to education. Interdisciplinary studies, communication between academic departments and mature, open dialogue in lecture courses has seemingly been blunted by the boredom exhibited by the student body. No doubt the climate of academic life today bears itself upon the mentality of fundamentalism which is a result of the extreme state of politics. It is for this reason that the growing crisis in the top rated universities in America, since the mid-1980’s, has left students in disparate fields of interest unable to see what there is to gain by looking at one discourse from the point of view of another.

Rather than being trained in the sociology of politics as a single course you take sociology and political science as separate courses so that in the end your account of political history is pre-critical and ultimately inaccurate. It is symptomatic of the whole post-contemporary condition for which institutional technocracy, as much as the cult of alumnism, has left astray those great minds who crave true knowledge. True and useful knowledge today can only be supported, and hence learned as fundamentally important, in secrecy -- cut-off from the distasteful social pressures of academic elitism that has set up laws of programmation to drown out free-thinking with the purulent medium of scholarism. But on the other hand the liberation of thinking outside the university has also become the breeding place for philosophical and political authorship that is overcrowded with academic punditry and charlatanism. These authors are most often post-scholars who, with regards to academic concerns, wouldn’t know their chalk from their cheddar.

To receive a ’secret government education’ or a ’Pentagonal education’ is to be trained in the very specific knowledge that covers several interdisciplinary areas of discourse from philosophy to medicine that has been passed down from generations in absolute secrecy and is of utmost potency and efficiency for influencing the orthodoxic intelligentsia. This is not kids stuff, is not ‘political academicism’, ‘ideology with an agenda’ nor worldly epistemology. They say that if you want kids stuff to go to a university. Our interest is to know and understand the inate essence of Being and the hidden truth about reality, and most importantly, what reality is in-itself, not what history represents as linear progress and or movement within the logocentric domain of reason. We want answers to universal questions not academic fodder for children caught in the grips of it’s own conditional history. Our goal is to understand the form and substance of existence, it’s origins, and of existences beyond the culture and society of obviousness.


One must conclude that every time civilization draws upon itself the adoption of a single, dominant interpretation of the world (i.e., religion or science) that it is indicative of every Dark Age that misleads people into a great confusion out of which arises, in the case of today, the marketing of a new savagery, a new induction into animalism. Today the masses are being socially and psychologically emancipated via technology, and technological social ethics, to accept collective depersonalization (i.e., the collective inhibition of the individual as thinking subject and the subliminal promotion of a kind of lemminghood.) To measure psychological health against the standard economic survival aptitudes of the masses is equivalent to the suggestion that original mankind possesses an archaic mentality and that the “spirit-consuming mindless sloth” (as average civilian) is the typified model of evolutionary competence. Our humanity, our spiritual appreciation of high culture and art, our religiosity, intellectual rigor and brightness, essentially our eccentric fragility and bordering madness is what the animal creature has not completely evolved, for it is yet to be graced by the selective complexity that produces culture, tools and art. It simply is not intellectually rigorous enough, educated enough, mature enough, wise enough or bright enough to accept the reality. An animal or savage is by definition an artless creature; "artless" or "naive" as one would say in French. Creativity and creative complexity makes it's appearance as humans evolve from naivety into an artistic, tool-bearing, inventive species as the savage soon develops into a tribal being that later becomes a civilized being.

Social psychiatry is centered around an infantile philosophy that believes in this "healthy animal" who is intellectually and politically decapacitated from his highest possible process, who lacks critical awareness and psychological complexity, and is economically expendable to the spirit of consumer corporatism. The mental patient on the other hand does not question his condition or his environment as having a causal relation to his symptomology; his mind is something independent of reason and is assumed to be without cause. However irrational he may be, however resistant he may be to outside influences, the origin of his condition should have a reason, a cause, that psychiatry should know if it is to be an exact science. His irrational idealism however prevents him from attributing external causes because, in his self-idealizing narcissistic tendencies, the external environment cannot be pardoned by him or his therapist (lest we assume psychiatry itself is an irrational doctrine as mad as what it treats.) As even a foolish minion with thin intelligence should know by what is immediately obvious that psychiatrists certainly aren't the brightest folks the system employs. Those who take their contemporary social modicum of human health seriously have immature minds with very little awareness of where we are in the world today. Materialists working in any field were at once subordinately responsive to the wisdom of authority, usually the authorities were people called "philosophers". Childish assumptions, totalitarian ’bottom-lines’, and malignant animal-egoism makes it impossible to govern the hopeless minds of today's people.  Continental methods of psychoanalysis offer nothing but hope to the hopeless.

According to the praxic philosophy of psychiatry there are no material-environmental causes for delusional psychosis or manic depression, it's genetic abode, it's inheritance, is historically irrelevant and thus intrinsic to mere genetic effects whose causes are "unknown". Industry has proven it's allegiance to the evolutionary genetic theory of neo-Darwinism which places the environment in a position secondary to the acausal or random mutation of the genome. Original Darwinian science, before its rapid degeneration into a serviceable philosophy for techno-science, placed environmental conditions in the first order of Marxian historical materialism (i.e., the environment shapes man and by historical conditions adaptations evolve or deaptations result from stress.) Psychiatry for the most part takes even the most subtle etiologies at face value, the affective behavior and the lore of modern psychotic delusion; the repertoire of outrageous fantasies cited by psychiatrists from the history of medicine: All of this is lumped together whether or not the subject's etiology manifests as an impulse from his own cluttered psyche or, conversely, if he is merely channeling the collective lore of madness and having an experience with the fantastic. Either way the dispirited culture of today's 'humanity' would not be fit to evaluate what constitutes genuine spirituality since for them the progressive state of spirituality could never enter the ranks of liberating the soul from the confines of cultural traditions and ceremonial beliefs no matter how refined they are with inverted psychological babblings and convenient household toilet-training wisdom. Rigor is then to be left to the exact sciences, the logistic ones, that apply reason until all unknown phenomena has been understood and misunderstood subjects are made sensible by being understood. Generalizations of madness prevail in the practice and it is true that the industry itself is inventing more ailments then it can synthesize new antidotes. All within the surely positive faith in absolute materialism does this pill-pushing religion continue to sanction it's affected characterization of normalcy as the standard of correctness: the least fragile mind is the most sociable and therefore the most well received mouthpiece for representing what the people should follow as truth. Likewise the most socially wholesome, mentally sterile, and fantasy-free scientist must be the most psychiatrically competent and therefore his theories should be preferred over others of more radical intelligence.

To classify the eccentric or vigorous personality as having a potential degree in the spectrum of mania pushes the good attention away from the enlighteners as if they had something in common with social undesirables or madmen. But this is exactly what the gross politics of the masses is doing when it takes everything as a general without making rigorous distinctions that can often be so great that the opposite is true or that what one judged was in fact in an entirely different category or simply was not the case at all. The fascist also takes everything as it's fasci, at it's 'face' value -- it's facsimile or outward appearance -- and looks no deeper to the actual causes and hence it condemns itself to disillusionment. Whether beautiful or ugly, benign or authoritative, well-nigh or astute, joyous or without expression; the external appearance of an individual determines his social modus, his conditioned role and status, to his fellow mass. It determines what, within a certain range of necessities of very specific capacities, he can or cannot accomplish in society even if he does or does not wish to do so he is inclined to play his respected role.

Psychological testing, whether by actual trained professionals, or the one's people conduct on eachother every day, are born of the agitated little theories that men of lesser brightness have expounded over the course of the past century or so and this is especially true in psychiatry since it is the latest syndication of scientific psychology. If you are a scientist, or in most cases a scientific technician, conducting a test, or if you are a non-scientist but simply a testy or itinerant individual then what you do is you set up your parameters based on a theory, then, based on your theoretical beliefs, you observe the subject as if it were being tested. The 'test by a pest' scenario cannot result in anything more objective than being a nuisance to the subject who sees through the scandalous test parameters that have been set up around him. His responses are now contaminated by default, the outcome will now be deterministic based on the indirectly influenced information of the observer and the test subject.